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from the album SEISHI


September 4, 2020

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2023/12/21 03:23 · kisu_odd

“Demands” is a song by The Ohayogozaimas. It was released on YouTube in 2020. The music video shows a female guitarist/bassist uploading cover videos to her YouTube channel and getting more attention in the form of likes, views, and comments the more she dresses in attractive outfits rather than her Ohayogozaimas T-Shirt. Implying she's only getting attention due to her looks rather than playing. In the end of the video she goes back to wearing her Ohayogozaimas shirt and dislikes her own video.

The concept of the music video was created first, with the song and it's lyrics being created afterwards.


The song is 4 minutes, 4 seconds long. It follows a familiar structure similar to #money_anthem. A standard main riff, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and repeat. The second chorus cuts off halfway through, going into a section of Utsu-P rapping, a build up sung by Saba, then a breakdown. The breakdown is cut into two sections, with one section being instrumental and the second half being accompanied by Saba's screaming vocals. It features a bridge section after the breakdown and then a final chorus with a more exciting drum beat and rhythm. It ends with another repeat of the main riff.

Live Performances

This song is rarely played live by The Ohayogozaimas


(Color coded to Utsu-P's solo lines.)

サムネイル note はてブ Twitter リリック リアルでもWebでも
顔色伺い 伺われまくり ご機嫌いかが どう?

ガキにゃ めいっぱい背伸びした哲学を
老いぼれにゃ いいとこ取りの懐かしさを


大勢のニーズ 少数精鋭のニーズ お前のニーズに沿う
あいつ好み こいつ好み 顧客好みの文言
欲しがるから 応えるのさ 気付かぬくらいのエゴを込めて

自分とおんなじ思想を 正論と呼んでいる
自分とおんなじ境遇を ノーマルと呼んでいる


大勢のニーズ 少数精鋭のニーズ お前のニーズに沿う
王好み 奴隷好み クライアントのご要望

やがてニーズに飲み込まれて 刺激足りなくなってエスカレート
己の末端価格が下がってく 何もかもが需要ありきの中

読み合う空気 探り合う肚 読み合う空気 探り合う肚
読み合う空気 探り合う
窒息死寸前 窒息死一拍前

脱いでない 暴露しない 思想違う 趣味違う場合
一体 私には 私には 私には何が残る

顧客好みというしがらみ それは時に苦悶

大勢のニーズ 少数精鋭のニーズ お前のニーズに沿う
オス好み メス好み 人情も性も濫用
終わってても 手遅れでも もう戻れやしないから「いく」しかない

Romaji Lyrics

(Color coded to Utsu-P's solo lines.)

Samuneiru note hatebu Twitter ririkku riaru de mo Web demo
Kaoiro ukagai ukagawaremakuri go kigen ikaga dou ?

Gaki nya me ippai senobi shita tetsugaku o
Oibore nya ii tokotori no natsukashi sa o

Tsuyoku natta ki ni naru youna ongaku o
Kashikoku natta ki ni naru youna bunshou o
Tsui mesen ga tomaru yōna midara sa o

Oozei no niizu shousuu seiei no niizu omae no niizu ni sou
Aitsu konomi koitsu konomi kokyaku konomi no mongon
Hoshigarukara kotaeru nosa kizukanu kurai no ego o komete
Juyou ga arukara ikiteiru

Jibun to onnaji shisou o seiron to yondeiru
Jibun to onnaji kyouguu o noumaru to yondeiru

Dare mo kare mo okori mukeru youna hakeguchi o
dare mo kare mo kyoumi waku youna gesewa sa o
dare mo kare mo watashi o miru youna kageki sa o

Oozei no niizu shousuu seiei no niizu omae no niizu ni sou
Oo konomi dorei konomi kuraianto no go youbou

Yagate niizu ni nomikomarete shigeki tarinaku natte esukareeto
Onore no mattan kakaku ga sagatteku nanimokamo ga juyou ariki no naka
Tomerya owaru

Yomiau kuuki saguriau hara yomiau kuuki saguriau hara
Yomiau kuuki saguriau
Chissoku shi sunzen chissoku shi ippon mae

Watashi no kachi wa nandesu ka
Nuidenai bakuro shinai shisou chigau shumi chigau baai
Ittai watashi ni wa watashi ni wa watashi ni wa nani ga nokoru

Kokyaku konomi toiu shigarami sore wa tokini kumon
Minna ga nozomu watashi toiu na no shuushinkei

Oozei no niizu shousuu seiei no niizu omae no niizu ni sou
Osu konomi mesu konomi ninjou mo sei mo ranyou
Owattete mo teokure demo mou modoreyashinaikara “iku” shika nai
juyou ga arukara ikasareteiru

English Translated Lyrics

Thumbnail, note, Hatena, Twitter, Lyrics in real life and the web
Inquisitive look on their face, Being asked all the time, “How are you?”

A philosophy like a little kid stretching his back out to appear taller
We'll give the oldheads the nostalgic cherry picking

Music that makes you feel strong
Sentences that make you feel smart
Let me raise you
To the obscenity which makes you stop and look

The crowd's demands, The select few's demands, following your demands
That guy's preferences, This guy's preference, The customer's preferred wording
They want it, and we give it to them. With so much ego they don't even realize they have
It's alive because there is demand for it

Calling the same idealogy as yourself a “good argument”
Calling it normal to be in the same situation as yourself

Everyone's anger turned towards me as an outlet
Everyone's condescending tones feels like their welled up emotions
Everyone's looking at me in an extreme way
Let me raise you

The crowd's demands, The select few's demands, following your demands
King's preferences, Slave's preferences, Client's requests

Eventually the demands swallow them up, The feelings aren't enough and it escalates
Your own retail price is going down, but everything is in demand
It's over once you stop

Reading the mood, the will to understand eachother, reading the mood, the will to understand eachother
Reading the mood, understanding eachother
Just inches away from dying of suffocation, Just a heartbeat away from dying of suffocation

What is my value?
Situations of not undressing, Not revealing, Differing idealogy, and differing preferences
What the hell is left for me, for me, for me?

The bondage of customer's preferences is sometimes agonizing
Everyone wants a life sentence in my name

The crowd's demands, The select few's demands, following your demands
Preferences of males, Preferences of females, Abuse of humanity and gender
Even if it's over, Even if it's too late, There's no going back, So we have to “go”
The demands is what keeps us alive



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