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List of Utsu-P lost media

Over the years, certain things by Utsu-P become known but yet unheard of by most listeners. This page seeks to document all known “lost” media. for the purpose of this list, it must fit within these criteria

  1. Must have been released (So no unreleased/scrapped songs)
  2. It is not able to be accessed via the public through any means whatsoever that we know of.

Entries are sorted from oldest to newest cases.

Likely uncredited music for a comedian (Unknown date)

On the inquiries page of his website, he lists composition and arrangement for a comedian's music as part of his past experience. It's unknown who it was created for, how much was created, and when it was created.

Uncredited intro music for a martial artist (up to February 2013)

On the inquiries page, he lists composition and arrangement for a martial artist's intro music.

In a tweet on February 7, 2013, Utsu-P says that he has provided uncredited music for a martial artist's intro music

Rabbitism (January - February 2016)

Main page - Rabbitism

Song provided to a visual-kei act (January - August 2018)

On Utsu-P's inquiries page on the MY SONG IS SHIT website, he lists lyrics and arrangement for a visual-kei act as an example of a job he has done before.

In a tweet on August 29, 2018, Utsu-P lists a visual-kei song as being one of the things he worked on earlier that year.

Privated Ohayogozaimas Test Livestream (April 1st, 2020)

On April 1st, 2020, The Ohayogozaimas livestreamed a practice session where they played the songs MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR, Corpse Attack!!, I, and 「S」 by Yuyoyuppe. It was privated on April 6th, with no known archive existing on the internet.


Zsasz DDD Online (June 7th, 2020)

On June 7th, 2020, Zsasz participated in a paid livestream show. There are no archives or images available on the internet.


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