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Utsu-P in 2023

Background information


December 1, 1990


Metalcore・Electronic・Hybrid Metal





2023/05/08 08:27 · kisu_odd

Utsu-P (born December 1, 1990) is a Japanese musician and producer known for his Vocaloid music. He is also the co-founder, bassist, and primary songwriter of the band The Ohayogozaimas, and the producer and songwriter of the idol group Zsasz. Utsu-P has established himself as a leading figure in the genre of metal within vocaloid.



Prior to his vocaloid works, Utsu-P had began playing bass guitar in the winter of age 13, and formed a hardcore band at the age of 15. Interestingly, he initially took on the bass guitar role because another member had already took on the role of the guitar player.

Utsu-P began publicly releasing music using Vocaloid on Niconico Douga in 2008. His early works showcased his developing style and approach to composing with Vocaloid software. In these early songs, he exclusively used drop C tuning for the guitar. The songs stuPid people and Crimson Of Sadness wouldn't appear on any albums.

On November 15, 2008, Utsu-P published his first collaborative song, Sky Burial, featuring lyrics written by Rougoku-P. In May 2009, Utsu-P released his first EP, DOLL at the VOC@LOID M@STER 8 Event. In November 1990, Utsu-P released his first album, DIARRHEA at the VOC@LOID M@STER 10 Event. It features the song Corpse Attack!!, Which has since become an anthemic song of his.


By the 2010s, Utsu-P established himself as an early prominent figure in the Vocaloid music scene. He released numerous songs. Utsu-P's lyrics often delved into introspective and melancholic subjects. On July 11, 2010, Utsu-P released the song “#ffffff” as a demo for the UTAU Shirataki Ito. Utsu-P formed a band called Soulyowork with vocalists Sekihan and Vin, Guitarists zim and XODUS, and drummer Rakunou, with Utsu-P himself on bass guitar. to perform infrequent concerts. Utsu-P released his second album, TRAUMATIC, on November 14. 2010, is often regarded as a vocaloid metal classic, producing the notable tracks Vermin, Adult's Toy, THE DYING MESSAGE, and Heart Sutra Hardcore.

In December, 2010, A collaborative vocaloid video entitled “Can You Name The Unova Pokemon!?” was released featuring Utsu-P for one segment. This is his first usage of GUMI. On 11 March 2011, at 14:46 JST, a Mw 9.0–9.1 undersea megathrust earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean, 72 km (45 mi) east of the Oshika Peninsula of the Touhoku region. It lasted approximately six minutes, causing a tsunami. In response, Utsu-P wrote the song Rebirth and re-recorded 4 of his previous songs and included them on his EP P, which was released at Vocaloid Paradise 5, all proceeds of this EP were donated to the victims of the previously mentioned tsunami through the red cross association.

In June, 2011, Devillish-P was featured on the song Black Hole Artist as a guitar soloist. Utsu-P created a collaboration album with the utaite Sekihan, called PSYCHODRAMA on August 13, 2011. Utsu-P covered the song “Dream” by The Blue Hearts for the compilation album “VOCALOID tribute to THE BLUE HEARTS” which was released in September of 2011. Utsu-P released his third EP, Doku, in December 2011. The EP contains the songs “This Is Love Song”, “Uncensored Planet”, and “Pure White Poison”.

In February 2012, The self-titled album by Heart Throb was released, the song “The Way It Is” was written by Utsu-P. In April, 2012, Utsu-P released the vocaloid album MOKSHA, which remains as his longest album of original work. Utsu-P and Sekihan released two additional collaborative songs on Niconico Douga. December of that year saw the release of Utsu-P's fourth EP: Zoku, and the teasing of a new album for the coming year.

In June 2013, Utsu-P and Nagi seeked to form a proper band together, putting out a call to find band a suitable singer and drummer. Utsu-P released a remaster album titled CD-R in July of 2013, which was a remake of the album DIARRHEA and DOLL EP, with additional bonus tracks featured on compilation albums in the previous months. In August, 2013, Utsu-P released the album Warufuzake which was considered his “first major album”, being published on the Dwango music label. It was recorded in a proper studio with a live drum kit performed by SHiN, this album also features Devillish-P on Ghost Under The Umbrella and Corpse Attack!! taking the lead guitar role. This is Utsu-P's most commercial album, having been advertised on television at the time. Utsu-P also did his first DJ performance at Voca Nico Night Vol. 3.

Utsu-P in 2013.

In September of 2013, Utsu-P was featured on Sekihan's album “Seki-Ban” having collaboratively written the song “Alice In Milkland”. In October, Utsu-P began doing infrequent shows with a group formed and called “Utsu-P band” to perform his vocaloid songs live, the lineup was made up of Death-Hime and YAMATO from Diekyousaku and SHiN who previously performed on Warufuzake. November brought another compilation album appearance, “natural born B” on DQN STYLE. Utsu-P began to frequently make appearances at a DJ at various events in November as well.

In 2014, Utsu-P began to form a band. In February, Utsu-P made a collaboration song with Pinocchio-P entitled “Gorgeous Big Conversation”. In March, The compilation album “VOCALOUD 01 - Breaking of the Emotion -” was released featuring the tracks “Hell Pops” and a cover of “Tokyo Teddy Bear” by Neru. In the month of April, Utsu-P released the EP Okazu featuring electronic remixes of songs featured on his previous album Warufuzake.

In July, Utsu-P was featured on Nagi's compilation album “Compilation of songs from our ass” with a collaborative song called “Amazing”. He also played acoustic bass in Heart Regression Monologue, an acoustic self-cover album organized by Siinamota under the moniker of Healthy Escape Association.

In August 2014, Utsu-P released his album ALGORITHM. In December, Utsu-P's song Heart Sutra Hardcore was used as an official demo song for the vocaloid VY1V4. Utsu-P also released the limited EP Teyaki at Comiket 87.

In January 2015, Utsu-P was commissioned to create the song “Monster Grow” as a tie-in for the manga “Mononoke Wondertune”. Utsu-P and Sekihan began working on their second collaborative album which would be titled IDOLATRY, Meanwhile Utsu-P created the song Paper Delusional Airplane for Vivienne and Ayaponzu*'s own collaborative album Mimimi*Trap! released in April. In July, The Ohayogozaimas made an official debut with the release of their song Amazing, Moving forward, Utsu-P's songwriting for vocaloid would predominantly embrace a pop-oriented approach, signaling a shift in his musical direction. Meanwhile, The Ohayogozaimas would step into the role of his earlier metalcore style, reflecting the evolution and diversification of Utsu-P's creative output.

Utsu-P in 2014.

Utsu-P and Sekihan's second collaboration album, IDOLATRY was released in August 2015. Utsu-P released a cover of Siinamota's song Q to soundcloud as a tribute to his late friend. In September, the song MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR was released to YouTube. Utsu-P's live event titled Mania was performed on September 12, featuring Utsu-P band, A band set fronted by Sekihan, GRILLED MEAT YOUNGMANS, and ending the show with The Ohayogozaimas' debut performance. The Ohayogozaimas' debut album Monosugoi was released on new years eve.

Kicking off 2016, the song CANDiES was released on the utaite Wolpis Kater's debut album as the opening track. Shortly after in February, as part of a series in tribute to Pokémon, a video centered on fighting type pokémon, the music was composed by Utsu-P. Also in February, He would release his song Living Ghost Is Alive.

The idol group, Q'ulle brought in Utsu-P to create the song Rebirth Theory. In May 2016, Utsu-P uploaded “HIKIZURI”. In July, Utsu-P started teasing a remaster of his second album, TRAUMATIC, entitled “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, which would soon be released in August. The Ohayogozaimas would also release the single “Introduction To Sleep Studies”. In December, The Ohayogozaimas would announce their second album, “No-Nonsense” releasing later that month.

Utsu-P in 2017.

Throughout the first half of 2017, Utsu-P was busy touring with his band. In August, he released the song Ramen Shop "GROTESQUE". The album was released the following week. In November, The Ohayogozaimas began a short promotional period and quickly released their first EP titled “Maeda”. To end off the year, Utsu-P created an EP titled “Shiborikasu EP”, comprised of some tracks remade, an electronic remix of Poster Girl's Prank, and one new song which was created as part of a comedy contest.

To kick of 2018, The song Imperial Delusional Phonograph by Eri Kitamura and Utsu-P was released. Shortly after, Utsu-P's cover of ECHO was released on Crusher's album Concienta as a bonus track, then later uploaded onto her YouTube channel. In February 2018, The song that Utsu-P created for the mobile game #COMPASS would be released on his YouTube channel, quickly becoming his most viewed song of all time.

In April of 2018, Utsu-P reformed the Utsu-P Band for a one-time performance at Cho Voca Nico, This time with Vava from Kiba Of Akiba filling in on drums. In June, Utsu-P revealed that he would release a compilation/remaster album titled “GREATEST SHITS” later that year, along with a poll for fans to vote for 3 more songs to include. This month, he also started the process of creating his own idol group, enlisting the help of photographer Kayano as future manager. In July, The Ohayogozaimas released their song “Do It Seriously” and announced their upcoming EP titled “Design EP” would be released in September. In August, GREATEST SHITS was officially released.

Utsu-P in 2018.

On January 1st, 2019, The Ohayogozaimas released their song #money_anthem. Later that month, The Ritual, produced by Utsu-P was unveiled and performed live by underground idol group Burst Girl. The following month, Utsu-P was featured on the Megurine Luka 10th anniversary compilation album, Fabulous∞Melody as a bonus track available through SONOCA download card. The song contained was a new cover of Double Lariat titled as the “double-bass drum remix”. Utsu-P also created a song titled “Executioner” for the Vtuber Amenosei. In April, Utsu-P released Hyper Reality Show, a song based off of a guitar riff that he had improvised to test a guitar tone.

On June 14th, 2019, Utsu-P released the song Sun Goddess And Rat featuring Hatsune Miku on his YouTube channel, The song was previously created for the utaite Wolpis Kater. On June 15th, Utsu-P announced that he would be forming an idol group and put out the call for members to join. In July, The Ohayogozaimas released the song I, and soon after announced a crowdfunding project to fund a special live performance, the rewards included various merchandise, and meet and greet opportunities. Utsu-P's song for Burst Girl was officially released on August 21st. Utsu-P's album RENAISSANCE was released soon after. On September 23rd, The crowdfunding event from The Ohayogozaimas took place, with luxurious stage production such as lasers, dancers during MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR, a special appearance of Yuyoyuppe during Corpse Attack!!, and various other special features. On September 25, The members and name of the idol group were revealed, The group was named Zsasz, and the members were Shuugetsu Shino, Saku, Rom, Nagase Ritsu, and Tim Vincent. On September 27th, The Ohayogozaimas announced their next album, “Nothing In Particular” to be released in November. Zsasz's debut song, Peter Peter would soon follow in October. On November, Nothing In Particular was released.


By the time the 2020s unfolded, Utsu-P continued to evolve his musical style, embracing a more diverse range of genres and experimentation. His vocaloid compositions showcased a further fusion of electronic elements and genre blending. Likely due to Zsasz filling the more potent J-pop styled role.

In January, 2020, Zsasz released their debut recording Zsasz EP featuring 4 vocaloid covers and their original song Peter Peter. Soon after, Utsu-P was featured in the mobile game Crash Fever with the original song “Drama” which marked the first time he's used Kagamine Len as the main vocals in a song. Utsu-P uploaded the song March 9, 2000 to YouTube. The Ohayogozaimas was originally scheduled to embark on a co-headlining tour with N.I.C.K. dubbed “Enemy Tour 2020” in April of 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in the two bands putting on a livestreamed concert instead. As the COVID-19 pandemic advanced, Utsu-P quickly remastered the tracks Drawing and An Alien's I Love You and released them on an album titled #SUPER_SHIBORIKASU along with rare remasters and tracks from the Your Best CDs and Shiborikasu EP, This album was sold on bandcamp with a majority of his previous albums uploaded there in the next day. In May, Utsu-P uploaded a collaboration song with Yuyoyuppe titled “dull” to his YouTube channel, and teased a second collaboration song called “vivid”. Later that month, The Ohayogozaimas released their song titled Super-Normal, which was written by Utsu-P in COVID-19 lockdown, The guitars were recorded by Utsu-P as opposed to Nagi, who only featured on the recording via backup vocals.

In September, Utsu-P had a mini campaign where he released a song for his three main projects, The Ohayogozaimas, Vocaloid, and Zsasz in one month. These songs were Demands, Death Of The Law, and Sometimes Shining. In November, Utsu-P released the song OGRE. In December, he released a limited physical version of #SUPER_SHIBORIKASU titled as “#SUPER_SHIBORIKASU_DX”, Uploaded the second collaboration song of 2020 with Yuyoyuppe, titled “vivid”.

In January 2021, A new version of Utsu-P's cover of Double Lariat was released as part of Megurine Luka's 12th anniversary. On March 3, Pinocchio-P released a greatest hits album titled “PINOCCHIOP BEST ALBUM 2009-2020 Kotobuki”, The third disc contains remixes and covers from various vocaloid producers, including a cover of Nobody Makes Sense by Utsu-P. On March 17, Zsasz released their first full-length album. Utsu-P released the song Not Photogenic on March 31; the song was created specifically with singer Saira in mind, as she was a contest winner hosted through the app Topia, There is a companion version released alongside the vocaloid version featuring Saira on vocals. The Ohayogozaimas played a three act concert alongside Phantom Excaliver and Broken By The Scream on April 4th. Later that month, Utsu-P released the song ATARI FRONT PROGRAM, which marks his first use of Cevio AI with KAFU

Through Niconico Douga on April 24, He uploaded a cover of Hibana by Deco*27, As part of Vocaloid Collection 2021 Spring to participate in the ranking, in which he placed number one. The Ohayogozimas released their song Aieou in May. 9 days later, Utsu-P released NULL, however, he had also accidentally put the instrumental up on Piapro about an hour beforehand. Soon after the Hibana cover's release, popular singer Shoohey expressed interest in covering Utsu-P's version of Hibana, So Utsu-P promptly released the instrumental to allow for covers to be made easily. On September 30th, Utsu-P revealed UNIQUE's tracklist and album art, scheduled for a November 10th release date. On October 14th, Utsu-P released Unique Parade as the last single leading up to the album's release. On October 23rd, Zsasz released their song Otaku's Song. In November, UNIQUE was released. Just 6 days later, Zsasz released their “Otaku's Song” single featuring 2 extra b-side tracks. Ending off the year in December, Utsu-P provided a remix of the song Montage for the vtuber KAF, voice provider for Kafu.

In 2022, “My Roar”, the first single from Vtuber Tokoyami Towa's EP “Scream” was created by Utsu-P, and was released on January 11th. In March, Utsu-P was invited to create the theme for the Digital Stars 2022 event, titled “Hello Builder”. Utsu-P followed up with one more song “Bizarre Food”. and “Ganesh-ish”, A remix of Pinocchio-P's “God-ish” released on April 22.

Utsu-P in 2022

In May 2022, The Ohayogozaimas released their song “Going Through Life”, just one day leading up to their EP “Seishi”'s release. Shortly after, Utsu-P, released “Copyright Bitch” to his YouTube channel. Zsasz began a small campaign where they would release one track off their upcoming Dark Hero EP every couple of days. Coinciding on the day of Dark Hero EP's release, Utsu-P provided a new song titled “B.G.M.” for a Cevio project called “1/1440 music”, which focuses on songs exactly one minute long. and in July, Utsu-P released Hidden Boss, and a song with Vtuber Setono Toto titled “RED OCEAN”. In August, Utsu-P released “Collage” featuring Cevio Rime. Utsu-P provided two bonus track covers of “Vita” and “Udon” for Gero's album “Parade”. Utsu-P released his song “RRRRafflesia” on October 21st, as his last song of the year.

To start off 2023, Zsasz released their first single Ultra Heroine, with 2 accompanying songs in January. Utsu-P released “Moth” in March, and “SUSHI-GO-ROUND” featuring Cevio AI ROSE, and “God Willing” for the singer Alba Sera in April. On his 15th anniversary (Shit's release, June 9th), Utsu-P announced his new album for the summer of 2023, confirming the album title as “HAPPYPILLS” as well. Zsasz released their single “Introvert Of The Dead”, and a cover song, “Cinderella Magic Stage” which Utsu-P was invited to create was released via MY NEW GEAR at the end of the month. The following month, Utsu-P released “Vulgar” and Zsasz released “It's So Good”. In August, Utsu-P posted the tracklist and soon after, the trailer for HAPPYPILLS, revealing it as a double album, making it the longest original album by Utsu-P.

Utsu-P in 2023

On August 10, 2023, Zsasz announced their disbandment at their one-man live Nixe, which they had been heavily promoting over the past 3 months. The members of Zsasz cited lack of major success and profit as major reasons for the decision. It was also said that this decision was in talks since sometime in 2022, the previous year. They released a song titled “Here Is The Answer”, which they performed at the Nixe show. The lyrics were penned by Rom, they directly deal with the group's disbandment and nostalgia. Later that month, Utsu-P's song created for vsinger duo Albemuth, “Underdrain” was released later that month. In September 7th, It was quickly revealed that Utsu-P had created a song titled “DEAD WORLD” for Vtuber trio TEMPUS, with lyrics written in English by JunbugP. On September 13th, HAPPYPILLS was made available via streaming, as well as made available for purchase physically with worldwide shipping alongside some album specific merchandise. On October 13th, The final Zsasz album, was revealed and released on the 18th.


Vocastock was a festival event co-managed by Utsu-P and other vocaloid producers. The event brought together bands formed by Vocaloid producers to perform all in one event. The first volume of vocastock was performed on June 2nd, 2019 and featured Agonosu (Agoaniki), Tsumiki, Araiyakashiko (Nashimoto Ui), UK Rampage (sasakure.UK), Rubber Johnny (YM), doluce (yukkedoluce), Kairiki Bear, GYABAN (GYARI), The Ohayogozaimas, Wada Takeaki, and Pinocchio-P.

The second vocastock event took place on January 25th, 2020 and featured Agonosu (Agoaniki), ROZEO EMBLEM (Harry-P and Zenryaku-P), Yuu Ibuki, Kairiki Bear, Rokuro, BuzzG, doluce (yukkedoluce), Rubber Johnny (YM), Karupisu Wari, N.I.C.K. (Yuyoyuppe), Surii, Nejishiki, UK Rampage (sasakure.UK), Wada Takeaki, AKINUS, Tsumiki, Hige-DriVAN (Hige Driver), Lemontic, The Ohayogozaimas, Araiyakashiko (Nashimoto Ui), Hello Montesquieu (Zankyou-P), and Pinocchio-P.

The third vocastock event was originally scheduled for May 31st, 2020, but was postponed indefinitely. The announcement tweet insists that it's only been postponed rather than cancelled, but as of 2023 the vocastock account still remains dormant.

Studio and Equipment

Prior to 2021, Utsu-P composed, recorded, and mixed the majority of his music within his home studio setup. He nicknamed it “Studio Ouchi”.

“STUDIO OUCHI DX” is Utsu-P's current home studio situated in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Which he relocated to in July 2021. He handles recording for his projects, composition, mixing, and mastering here.

The current primary bass used by Utsu-P is a Status Graphite Streamline which was bought from Ishibashi Gakki in Shinjuku during December 2018. Upon seeing Ailiph Doepa's bassist, Jib, who was performing with a uniquely colored Warwick bass, Utsu-P became inspired to get a new bass model that stood apart from the more traditional choices. He originally set out to get a Steinburger bass. Notably, the preamp of the bass has been modified to a Darkglass configuration. The bass weighs in at only 3 kilograms (6 pounds).

The current primary guitar used by Utsu-P is an E-Ⅱ HORIZON NT-7 ET, it's an ESP 7-string model featuring an evertune system. The pickups are replaced with Bare Knuckle Ragnarok pickups.

The current secondary guitar is an Ormsby 7-string guitar. This is Utsu-P's first guitar with fanned frets. The guitar has a Telecaster shape and a carbon-like coloring. It's distinctive features is the presence of a single front pickup, setting it apart from conventional modern 7-string guitars. This unique configuration lends the instrument a unique sound. The guitar was sold to Utsu-P by a follower of The Ohayogozaimas.

The current tertiary guitar is a Caparison Angelus HGS PRO. It was purchased by Utsu-P sometime early in his career from a music store in Kanazawa, Japan. The original pickups have been replaced with EMG81X and EMG85X pickups. The guitar is factory tuned to low B tuning. It's said to be lightweight and easy to handle.

Early on, Utsu-P acquired a Schecter Hellraiser C-8 from Kurosawa Musical Instruments in Ochanomizu. Notably, it was used in his guitar covers of You Suffer by Napalm Death and My Way by Okame-P, However, it went largely unused for years until 2018 when 8 string tunings became common in his music. However shortly after the release of UNIQUE in 2021, It was given to XODUS as a gift.

Early in Utsu-P's career he had a Yamaha Les-Paul which he acquired through Yahoo! Auctions in 2008. He replaced the pickups with EMG 81 and 85 models. The guitar was given to his cousin at some point before 2015.

A Warwick Corvette $$ was used as the primary bass by Utsu-P from at least 2015 up until 2017, Now it is used as sub-bass for recording. It was purchased from Grandy in Shibuya. While faced with a choice between this one and a blue bass, Utsu-P ultimately decided on this one due it's price and rare color. Utsu-P says that the lack of fret markers often causes mistakes.

The MUSICMAN StingRay 4 held a prominent role as the bass used in Utsu-P's occasional live performances prior to The Ohayogozaimas' formation. It was acquired during his high school years from a local music store. It was originally manufactured in black, but a friend of his painted it. It's iconic design inspired the music video for potato-head in wonderland.

The LAKLAND Skyline Series SK-5DX is a 5 string bass which was acquired from Ochanomizu in 2009. It was primarily employed for standard tunings in recording. The other bass guitars in possession at the time had tones which were described as “too sharp” to be appropriate for recording.
In 2014, Utsu-P acquired the FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS Axe-Fx II guitar preamp/effects processor. Utsu-P finds it versatile as it can be used for live performances without hassle.

Prior to 2014, Utsu-P used the POD farm plugin for his guitars.

The Darkglass Electronics MICROTUBES B7K is a preamp pedal used by Utsu-P, he uses it for his bass guitar tones.

The EP Booster is another preamp pedal used by Utsu-P, he uses it for his guitar tones.

The RME FIREFACE UC is an audio interface used by Utsu-P. This device was selected after a prior acquisition of the MOTU interface proved problematic. The MOTU device, acquired earlier, encountered compatibility issues with Windows, resulting in an output limited to disruptive noise. Utsu-P promptly returned it in exchange for the RME FIREFACE UC interface.

Utsu-P uses ADAM A5X speakers and ROLAND RH-300 headphones.

Utsu-P owns a ROLAND A-500PRO keyboard which he doesn't use at all.

Since March 2019, Utsu-P uses Studio One 4 as his digital audio interface. Utsu-P often complains of Studio One's annoying operability and counter intuitively difficulty in MIDI input. Prior to upgrading to Studio One 4, He used Studio One 2 since September 2014. Before that, he used Sonar 8.5.

Since January 2014, Utsu-P has used BFD3 for drums, He praises the software for it's adaptability and parameter customization capabilities. Prior to 2014, he used Addictive Drums.

Additionally, Utsu-P has KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE and Nexus 2, which are synthesizer and sound effect libraries. and WAVES GOLD, which is a bundle of audio plugins for mixing and mastering.

  • <h4>ADAM A5X</h4><p>Speaker</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Caparison Angelus HGS PRO</h4><p>Tertiary main guitar. Low B tuning</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Darkglass Electronics MICROTUBES B7K and EP Booster</h4><p>Bass and Guitar pedals</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Image of Utsu-P&#039;s computer setup</h4><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>23/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>E-Ⅱ HORIZON NT-7 ET</h4><p>Primary main guitar</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS Axe-FxⅡ</h4><p>Main guitar effects</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>LAKLAND Skyline Series SK-5DX</h4><p>Bass guitar used for recording in drop B tunings</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>MUSICMAN StingRay 4</h4><p>Used from beginning, doesn&#039;t seem to be in use.</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Ormsby TX G7 MH CBP GM</h4><p>Secondary main guitar</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>RME FIREFACE UC</h4><p>Audio interface</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>ROLAND A-500PRO</h4><p>Never used</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>ROLAND RH-300</h4><p>Headphones</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>SCHECTER Hellraiser C-8</h4><p>Used from RENAISSANCE to UNIQUE, then sold to XODUS.</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Status Graphite Streamline</h4><p>Primary bass guitar</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>STUDIO OUCHI DX</h4><p>Utsu-P&#039;s home studio. Used from July 2021 onwards.</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>Warwick Corvette $$</h4><p>Current Sub-Bass</p><p>04/10/2023</p>
  • <h4>YAMAHA Les-Paul</h4><p>Used since beginning, Given to cousin sometime prior to 2015.</p><p>04/10/2023</p>

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Main article: Vocal Synth Discography

Featuring Sekihan

Healthy Escape Association

The Ohayogozaimas


Title Role Released Album or Release method
Right Now Bass Cover 2008 Niconico Douga
Toxicity Bass Cover 2009 Niconico Douga
Heart Sutra Hardcore (Soulyowork version) Songwriting, Bass 2010 Niconico Douga and YouTube
It's No Longer Oku Hanako's Commercial Arrangement 2010 Niconico Douga
Can You Name the Unova Pokemon?! Arrangement in featured section 2010 Non-album single
You, HahaHardcore Arrangement 2010 Niconico Douga
Black Showtime (neko version) Arrangement, Songwriting 2010 Trapped in her eyes
Super Kazuya's Theme Arrangement 2011 Niconico Douga
My Way Guitar Cover 2011 Niconico Douga
You Suffer Guitar Cover 2011 Niconico Douga
Song Made Using Gastrodon's Sound Arrangement 2011 Niconico Douga
Setting Sun (Gero version) Arrangement, Songwriting 2011 Gourmet
Nagoya's Fatass Featured as a speaking voice 2011 Gourmet
Black Shadow off vocal Arrangement 2012 Niconico Douga
The Way It Is Songwriting 2012 Heart Throb (EP)
Giraffe Songwriting, Arrangement, Vocals 2012 Niconico Douga
Would You Like To Move These 6 Items To The Recycle Bin? Bass Cover 2012 Niconico Douga
Apprentice Hades Songwriting, Arrangement 2012 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS SEKIHAN the TREASURE
Frog's Song Vocaloid 2012 Waiting Apathetic Planet (2013)
Baki (Sekihan version) Songwriting, Arrangement 2012 Niconico Douga
Adult's Toy (Soulyowork version) Songwriting, Bass 2012 Niconico Douga and YouTube
Do You Wanna Die? Backup vocals 2012 Kashiko No.1
Alice In Milkland Songwriting, Arrangement 2013 SekiBAN
TM Box demos Songwriting, Arrangement 2013 TM Box
Mob Songwriting, Arrangement 2013 one
Amazing Songwriting, Arrangement, Vocals 2014 Compilation Of Songs From Our Ass
Song Of The Double Love Suicide (Hanatan version) Songwriting, Arrangement 2014 Flowers BEST
WE-LOW Bass Guitar 2014 TM Box
It's Not Warm Songwriting, Arrangement 2015 Niconico Douga
Paper Delusional Airplane Songwriting, Arrangement 2015 Mimimi*Trap!
UNTOUCHABLE GIRL Songwriting, Arrangement 2015 CIRCUS★CIRCUS
Q Songwriting, Arrangement, Vocals 2015 Soundcloud
CANDiES (Wolpis Kater version) Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 Sent To You Courtesy Of Wolpis Inc.
Fighting Type Arrangement 2016 YouTube
Rabbitism Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 Single
Rebirth Theory Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 ALIVE/Rebirth Theory
Unknown Unknown Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 Road
Passive Motions Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 Mad=Kan
BARKING CODE Songwriting, Arrangement 2016 Akiba's Beat
JIGOKU STATION CENTRAL GATE Songwriting, Arrangement 2017 Chunithm
Delusional Imperial Phonograph Songwriting, Arrangement 2018 Single
Suicide Prototype Songwriting, Arrangement 2018 Caligula Overdose
Sun Goddess And Rat (Wolpis Kater version) Songwriting, Arrangement 2018 Wolpis Inc. Will Continue To Send You More
Executioner Songwriting, Arrangement 2019 Single
VILLAIN Songwriting, Arrangement 2019 Engage Princess
Reaper's Holiday Songwriting, Arrangement 2019 Single
Ritual Songwriting, Arrangement 2019 Single
Let's Dance At Home Arrangement 2020 Twitter
GLAMOROUS SKY Arrangement 2020 Twitter
Meow, Meow, Cosmology (Rom vocal cover) Mixing 2020 YouTube
Dearest Arrangement 2020 Twitter
Parent's House Songwriting, Arrangement 2020 Twitter
Utsu-P X Serj Tankian Songwriting, Arrangement 2020 Twitter
Fixer (Rom vocal cover) Mixing 2020 YouTube
Palette (Saku vocal cover) Mixing 2020 YouTube
Heart Democracy (Shino vocal cover) Mixing 2020 YouTube
Not Photogenic (Saira version) Songwriting, Arrangement 2021 YouTube
It's Not Like I'm Mentally Ill (Rom vocal cover) Mixing 2021 YouTube
Knocking On Hell's Door Songwriting, Arrangement 2021 Single
Recommendation Of Landmines Songwriting, Arrangement 2021 I
Montage Arrangement 2021 Magicγ
My Roar Songwriting, Arrangement 2022 Scream
Red Ocean Songwriting, Arrangement 2022 Red Ocean
Vita Arrangement 2022 Parade bonus CD
Udon Arrangement 2022 Parade
God Willing Songwriting, Arrangement 2023 Single
Cinderella Magic Stage Arrangement 2023 MY NEW GEAR presents 電音部 Remix13
Shanti Arrangement 2023 THE ORIGIN bonus CD
Alba Songwriting, Arrangement 2023 THE ORIGIN bonus CD
DEAD WORLD Songwriting, Arrangement 2023 Single


  • The song “Nagoya's Fatass” created by Nashimoto Ui for Gero is about Utsu-P.
  • Utsu-P's real name is likely Yuushi Yamaguchi, as the Piapro downloads list that name as the artist name.


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  • <h4>Utsu-P, The Ohayogozaimas</h4><p>23/10/2023</p>
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