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Maeda e.p.

This article is about the EP. For the song from this EP, see Maeda.

“Maeda EP”


Cover art by Utsu-P


December 6, 2017



Original Title


English Title

Maeda e.p.

Catalog number


Utsu-P chronology

“Maeda EP”

Singles from Maeda EP

2023/12/01 09:24 · kisu_odd

Maeda e.p. is the first EP by The Ohayogozaimas, released on December 6th, 2017. It's the band's first release with drummer Kojiro Yamazaki, who joined the band officially the previous month, additionally, it is also the first nationally distributed CD by the band.

Production and musical style

The EP's production remains mostly consistent with previous releases. However there are certain key differences, the mix is slightly more well rounded, less treble focused, and the drums do seem to be more pronounced, likely due to the inclusion of Kojiro Yamazaki, the newly introduced drummer.

Musically, This album generally carries a more upbeat, frantic tempo and instrumentation compared to the two previous albums.

Lyrical themes

“Maeda” is about finding your own path in life. “SYSTEMATIC IROMONO HARDCORE” is about the desire to be taken seriously while still being able to joke around and have fun. “Science Fiction Old Man And Young Girl” is about an old man who goes into a coffee shop and tells a young woman about his cynical conspiracy theories. “Safety” is about the limitations and conformity of living a safe life. And “Hypocritical Courtesy” deals with the way people talk in a backhanded way.

Track listing

Twitter Release Hashtag And First-Print Bonus DVDs

This is The Ohayogozaimas' first nationally distributed CD, to commemorate that, there was a small campaign during December using the hashtag #前田売ってた on twitter. Anyone who posts a photo of the CD they purchased received a direct message from The Ohayogozaimas with a YouTube video link of a live performance video of a song.

Main Article: Document Videos #001

There was also a first print bonus DVD given with the purchase of a CD which contained some live footage of certain songs.



Saba - Vocals
Nagi – Guitar, backup vocals
Utsu-P – Bass, electronics, backup vocals
Kojiro Yamazaki - Drums

Utsu-P - songwriting, lyrics, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, design, management
Sales Promotion by BM.3

  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4>Announcement graphic (twitter)</h4><p>&quot;Band with Japanese lyrics and amazing sound&quot;<br />
They Ohayogozaimas<br />
-First national distribution CD-<br />
Maeda e.p.<br />
Release on December 6, 2017<br />
5 tracks included for 1200 yen + tax<br />
[Included songs]<br />
Maeda, SF Old Man And Young Girl,<br />
Safety, Hypocritical Courtesy -2017mix-<br />
Issued by: MY SONG IS SHIT<br />
Catalog Number: MSIS-016<br />
<br />
December 24, 2017 (Sunday) @ Shibuya Cyclone Recording solo performance<br />
Tickets now on sale at e-plus.</p><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4>First print bonus graphic (Twitter)</h4><p>December 6, 2017 on sale, Maeda e.p.<br />
Tower Records first print bonus DVD-R &quot;Document Videos No.001&quot;<br />
Live recordings from up to April 2017.<br />
Low sound quality and one cut for each clip.<br />
Total of 5 recordings planned. Tracks to be announced at a later date.<br />
Village Vanguard first print bonus DVD-R &quot;Document Videos No.002&quot;<br />
Contains live performances since April 2017.<br />
Live recordings from up to April 2017.<br />
Low sound quality and one cut for each clip.<br />
Total of 5 recordings planned. Tracks to be announced at a later date.<br />
Official logo sticker<br />
As it says, an official logo sticker</p><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4>Additional details on first print bonuses (Twitter)</h4><p>Tower Records first print bonus DVD-R &quot;Document Video No.001&quot;<br />
<br />
2016.08.11. Shibuya CYCLONE &quot;2nd Wasshoi Doremi Festival<br />
「Minor Task Girl」<br />
<br />
2016.11.05. Nagoya HOLIDAY &quot;Unyielding TOUR 2016&quot;<br />
「Hypocritical Courtesy」<br />
<br />
2016.12.30. AKIHABARA Music Hall &quot;Compulsory Video Filming&quot;<br />
「House VS Thief」「◯◯◯◯◯」<br />
<br />
2017.02.04. Shibuya GARRET &quot;RAG FES VOL1&quot;<br />
「Please, Do Your Best」「MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR」<br />
2017.04.23. Shibuya CYCLONE &quot;TOMOGUI&quot;<br />
「Song Of Destruction」「TRAUMATIC」「Hypocritical Courtesy」<br />
<br />
Tower Records first print bonus DVD-R &quot;Document Video No.002&quot;<br />
<br />
2017.05.14.Umeda Zeela &quot;Tour&quot;<br />
「Amazing」<br />
<br />
2017.05.27.Shibuya GAME &quot;Chosakukenshingai fest&quot;<br />
「Corpse Attack!!」「MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR」<br />
<br />
2017.07.17. Sendai MACANA &quot;Gaibian Komu&quot;<br />
「Hypocritical Courtesy」<br />
<br />
2017.07.27. Otsuka Hearts+ &quot;Nikupa Vol.3&quot;<br />
「Please Do Your Best」<br />
<br />
2017.08.26. Shibuya club asia &quot;MONSTERIZE FESTIVAL&quot;<br />
<br />
「Introduction To Sleep Studies」「House vs. Thief」</p><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>
  • <h4></h4><p>14/12/2023</p>

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