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Interface of Vocaloid 4


Yamaha Corporation

Release Date

January 15th, 2004

2023/04/12 11:07 · kisu_odd

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software product. It is developed by the Yamaha corporation and was released in 2004

The software enables users to synthesize “singing” by typing in lyrics and melody and also “speech” by typing in the script of the required words. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics. A piano roll type interface is used to input the melody and the lyrics can be entered on each note. The software can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice.

Various voice banks have been released for use with the Vocaloid synthesizer technology. Each is sold as “a singer in a box” designed to act as a replacement for an actual singer. As such, they are released under a moe anthropomorphism. These avatars are also referred to as Vocaloids, and are often marketed as virtual idols; some have gone on to perform at live concerts as an on-stage projection.

Utsu-P has been using vocaloid since he started releasing music and has been his main output of music since.

Vocaloid voicebanks used by Utsu-P

Utsu-P vocaloid discography

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major chunks of this article are taken directly from the wikipedia entry for vocaloid

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