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Cover art by Hansi

Album by Utsu-P


August 10, 2018



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2023/04/03 08:00 · kisu_odd

GREATEST SHITS is the third remaster album by Utsu-P. It was released on August 10, 2018, at Comiket 94. It is a 21 song album composed of almost exclusively remade versions of older songs, with the exception of I Thought I Was An Angel and the two digital exclusive tracks I Want To Become A Stuffed Animal and Striped Melody.

The album features chronological track listing, with the exception of Corpse Attack!! being moved to the opening track, and the digital exclusive bonus tracks being the final two tracks on the album.

GREATEST SHITS is Utsu-P's most popular album to date.

Production and changes

GREATEST SHITS generally has a more polished sound, with clearer, more balanced instrumentation and vocal mixing. Some tracks have noticeable changes beyond production, with some changed parts or additional electronic details and effects.

Track listing


Additional Personnel

Hansi – Album art illustration
zim – Lead guitar on Corpse Attack!!
Devilish-P - Guitar solo on Black Hole Artist, Lead guitar on Ghost Under The Umbrella

Fan vote

Prior to the album's release, Utsu-P held a vote containing nearly all of his vocaloid songs, the top three would be featured and remade on this album, However due to one of the winners being Heart Sutra Hardcore, a relatively short song, Utsu-P opted to add the fourth place song Chocolate Girl as well. The final ranking was as follows

  1. Chocolate Girl (224 votes)
  2. Rebirth (188 votes)
  3. Classroom Demon (164 votes)
  4. Flu (161 votes)
  5. Sky Burial (155 votes)

Special thanks

In the liner notes, Utsu-P thanks the following people:

Illustrators: Momopan, Tokita, Nika, Tateshina, meola, komako, Nisemono, Hatsu, HannyaG, NEGI, Akiakane, Ohagi, Arisaka Ako, Yuki Kira, Sakuma, △○□×, Norainu, and Kaneko Kaihatsu

Directors: Deino, tokatoto, Mieno-hito, ke-sanβ, semu, ciel, Hunmatsu, hinata, 84yen, and Okiku

Composers: Ikiro-P, Rougoku-P, Yuyoyuppe, ←P, Pinocchio-P, Kagome-P, and Siinamota

Singers and musicians: Sekihan, Gero, Death-Hime, neko, Vin, SHiN, YAMATO, VAVA, Rakunou, and XODUS

Other: Omori, Takechi, Kato, Sonehara, Tomobo-P, CRYPTON, and all the fans.

Back cover
  • <h4>Back cover</h4><p>Tracklist</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 1</h4><p>Lyrics to Corpse Attack!!, Anti-Digitalism, and Self-Destruct. Background is from DIARRHEA</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 2</h4><p>Lyrics to Vermin and Adult&#039;s Toy. Background is from TRAUMATIC</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 3</h4><p>Lyrics to THE DYING MESSAGE and Black Hole Artist. Heart Sutra Hardcore&#039;s lyrics are omitted. Background is from Fools Are Attracted To Anomaly</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 4</h4><p>Lyrics to Corona, Fools Are Attracted To Anomaly, and Chocolate Girl. Background is from MOKSHA</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 5</h4><p>Lyrics to Ghost Under The Umbrella and Poster Girl&#039;s Prank. Background is from Warufuzake</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 6</h4><p>Lyrics to Magic Of The Massacre and Imperfect Animals. Background is from ALGORITHM</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Booklet page 7</h4><p>Lyrics to Absolute Music Dance, EAT, and Living Ghost Is Alive. Background is from GALAPAGOS</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>CD</h4><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>GREATEST SHITS vote results</h4><p>24/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Cover and booklet page 8</h4><p>Lyrics to I Thought I Was An Angel</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Liner notes</h4><p>Credits for this album and special thanks to everyone who has helped him over his first 10 years of vocaloid music</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
  • <h4>Sleeve</h4><p>&quot;Since 2015, I have also been active in the band &quot;The Ohayogozaimas&quot;.<br />
The band is characterized by its melody that is &quot;rock&quot; and &quot;pop&quot;. In contrast to its catchy and sing-songy sound, it features loud, low tuned guitars and extreme techniques with a lot of shouts and growls.<br />
Which are difficult to express using vocaloids, which I&#039;ve been active with since June 2008.<br />
<br />
&quot;GREATEST SHITS - Utsu-P&quot;<br />
<br />
All songs re-recorded and remastered.<br />
Includes 19 songs in total, including 4 songs selected by fan vote.<br />
10 years from 2008-2018 condensed into one disc.&quot;</p><p>03/04/2023</p>

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  • The digital release has an alternate album cover (Note the background “cracks” and the dull colors for the text border)

Digital release

Original version

  • The clip featured in the trailer for Chocolate Girl is taken from a live performance of Daikyousaku performing a cover of THE DYING MESSAGE


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