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Living Ghost Is Alive

“Living Ghost Is Alive”

Single by Utsu-P

from the album GALAPAGOS


February 19, 2016

Original Title


Romaji title

Ikiteru Obake Wa Ikiteiru

English Title

Living Ghost Is Alive

Utsu-P chronology

“Living Ghost Is Alive”


2023/04/06 06:47 · kisu_odd

“Living Ghost Is Alive” is a song by Utsu-P featuring flower on vocals. It was released February 19, 2016 as a standalone single. The music video for the song was made by Norainu. As of 2023, this song has 600,000 views on YouTube and 250,000 views on Niconico Douga. It was featured on the flower compilation album Once In A Lifetime.

The lyrics are introspective and express the emotions of a person who feels like a ghost, existing but not truly living. They touch on themes of isolation, miscommunication, and a sense of emptiness in life.

The music video of this song features an original character design which switches from a chibi and a more detailed appearance throughout the video, In the beginning of the song she stands still singing. In the verse section she is shown laying in a coffin, Sitting in darkness and shouting, then later calling out. The breakdown section has a brief animation with the main character and two ghosts headbanging, The ending of the music video shows the main character inside of a casket (this time in the more detailed appearance), for the outro, the chibi illustration from the start is redone with the more detailed appearance.


The song is 3 minutes, 20 seconds long. The intro has a repeating descending tone, before cutting to the main riff which has fast-paced and energetic nature. The verse section has a variance on the main riff with a call and response feeling featuring clean vocals and distorted vocals, The chorus is rather unique as it has two different, distinct sections. The song features a breakdown and refrain section, repeats the chorus, and then repeats the intro part as the outro. The song ends with a flatline sound.

Alternate versions

An instrumental version is available on Piapro

A remastered version and electronic remix are both featured on GALAPAGOS

A remastered version is featured on GREATEST SHITS

A remastered version sung by Zsasz is featured on

Live Performances

Utsu-P has used the electronic remix featured as a bonus track on GALAPAGOS at his DJ sets often

Zsasz performed this song often in their live performances. A snippet of a performance can be found on their documentary for their décadence performance. (10:24)


おばけ おばけ おばけが 死んだと思ったら生きている
おばけ おばけ おばけが 逝ったと思ったら死んでいない
おばけ おばけ おばけが 消えたと思ったらそこにいる
おばけ おばけ おばけだ 生きてるおばけは生きている

生まれてからずっと 何もなく生きている
のんべんだらりと 何もすることなく
意識の棺に 閉じ込められている
おばけは生きてる 膨大な時間だらっと生きている

僕そんなんじゃないと この暗晦の中で喚いている
恥も外聞もなくなって 声出そうとしても
霊障も干渉も出来ない 伝わんない
助けて 助けて 助けて 誰か

我 生存中 我 生存中
我 生存中 我 生存中 まだ

おばけと言えど 感覚や感情はある
懸命に藻掻いている 瞼をこじ開けて生きている

いや、みんな何やってんの 何弔ってんの
コミュニケーションの不全は 絶命と同じ
霊障も干渉も出来ない 伝わんない
誤解が燃え広がってゆく ついに棺に飛び火
助けて 助けて 助けて

おばけ おばけ おばけが 死んだと思ったら生きている
おばけ おばけ おばけが 逝ったと思ったら死んでいない
おばけ おばけ おばけが 消えたと思ったらそこにいる
おばけ おばけ おばけだ 生きてるおばけは生きていた

Romaji lyrics

Obake obake obake ga shinda to omottara ikite iru
Obake obake obake ga itta to omottara shinde inai
Obake obake obake ga kieta to omottara soko ni iru
Obake obake obake da ikiteru obake wa ikiteiru

(dadadadada gya! ! )
Umarete kara zutto nani mo naku ikite iru
Nonbendarari to nani mo suru koto naku
Ishiki no hitsugi ni tojikome rarete iru
Obake wa iki teru bōdaina jikandara tto ikite iru

Iya, minna naniyattenno
Boku sonnan janaito kono kura miso no naka de wameite iru
Haji mo gaibun mo naku natte koe dasou to shite mo
Nodo yori soto ni tobidashite kunnai yo
Reishō mo kanshou mo dekinai tsutawannai
gokai ga moehirogatte yuku
Tasukete tasukete tasukete dareka

Ware seizon-chuu ware seizon-chuu
Ware seizon-chuu ware seizon-chuu mada

Obake to iedo kankaku ya kanjou wa aru
Kenmei ni mo kaite iru mabuta o kojiakete ikiteiru

Iya, minna naniyattenno nani tomuratten no
Mada genkide yattendakedo boku
Komyunikeeshon no fuzen wa zetsumei to onaji
Yokotawaru boku ga hakoba rete yuku
Reishou mo kanshou mo dekinai tsutawannai
Gokai ga moehirogatte yuku tsuini hitsugi ni tobihi
Tasukete tasukete tasukete

Obake obake obake ga shinda to omottara ikiteiru
Obake obake obake ga itta to omottara shindeinai
Obake obake obake ga kieta to omottara soko ni iru
Obake obake obakeda iki teru obake wa ikiteita

Zsasz color coded lyrics


  • The music video features a ghost with a similarity to Utsu-P's often used cat icon. in the beginning of the video, it's seen playing a game similar to Splatoon, and in the final chorus, it throws a cigarette down, burning the protagonist's coffin.
  • Norainu created an additional illustration depicting the character featured in the video

  • This song was used on a sample clip uploaded to TMbox by Utsu-P to test new drum sounds


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