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Single by Himesaki Lily


Presumed to be February 24, 2016.

Original Title


Romaji title


English Title


Utsu-P chronology


2023/04/12 15:25 · kisu_odd

“Rabbitism” is a song created by Utsu-P for the underground idol Himesaki Lily. On January 12, 2016. Utsu-P announced he would be providing a song for Himesaki Lily. On a date no later than February 24, 2016, Himesaki Lily announced that the song would soon be available on streaming services. It's unknown if it had actually been released though.

Live Performances

It's likely that Himesaki Lily played this song at live performances, as she had a few shows lined up around this time. A post on 2chan also claims that she sang this song at least once on a twitcasting livestream.


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