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Classroom Demon

“Classroom Demon”

Single by Utsu-P

from the album PSYCHODRAMA


July 11, 2011

Japanese Title


Romaji Title

Kyoushitsu No Akuma

English Title

Classroom Demon

Utsu-P chronology

Setting Sun

“Classroom Demon”

Human Bud

2023/11/22 19:48 · kisu_odd

“Classroom Demon” is a track by Utsu-P, originally released as a GUMI song on Niconico Douga. As of 2023, the song has amassed 13,000 views.

The song's lyrics deal with themes of social conformity, trauma, and neglect.


The song is 4 minutes, 45 seconds long. Overall, it takes heavy inspiration from KoЯn for it's sound, The intro builds tension by adding different instrument parts.The chorus explodes in a more emotionally intense tone. The second repeat of the chorus features a post-chorus section which increases the dramatic, frenetic energy. The breakdown features layered vocals in both the high and lower register. The song ends with a repeat of the chorus and post-chorus section.

Alternate versions

A GUMI version was released on Niconico douga but has not been released on any albums

A version sung by Sekihan was released on PSYCHODRAMA


意識はある 感情もある
ただ 一つ 未成熟


壊されてく 何もかもが
ドス黒い闇よりも 怖き白で


殺されてく 僕の意志が
見るも無様な笑顔 目に焼き付く

御免なさい ごめんなさい
逢魔が時に響く 絶望の鐘

浅キ夢見シ 屍ヒトリ
恐怖ノ底デ 咲イタ花ビラ

貴殿ハ鼠 殺シテ候
元気ニナッタカ? 恍惚ヲ得マシタカ?

壊してくれ ひと思いに
ドス黒い闇よりも 怖き白で

救われない この世界で
瞼を閉じて今も 歩いている

Romaji lyrics

Kireina kuuki o sui sodachi
Botsu kosei ka shita kodomo ni
Ishiki wa aru kanjou mo aru
Tada hitotsu mi seijuku

Chiisana sekai no hierarukii
Otona wa mite minu furi
Kyouki o haramu junsui sa de
Hito o houbaru

Kowasareteku nanimokamo ga
Dosu kuroi yami yori mo kowaki shiro de

Konnani kizudarake demo
Dare mo boku o mitenai
Sashikon wa shizen ni tsuita
Kado ni ja reatte

Korosareteku boku no ishi ga
Miru mo buzamana egao me ni yakitsuku

Gomen nasai gomennasai
Oomagatoki ni hibiku zetsubou no kane

Asa ki yumemi shi kabane hitori
Kyoufu no soko de saki ita hana bira

Kiden wa nezumi ya koroshite sou
Genki ninattaka?Koukotsu wo e mashitaka?

Kowashitekure hito omoi ni
dosu kuroi yami yori mo kowaki shiro de

Sukuwarenai kono sekai de
Mabuta o tojite ima mo aruiteiru

English lyrics

I grew up breathing clean air
I should have been a child who conformed,
I have consciousness and emotions
But there's just one problem, Immaturity

In this small world hierarchy,
The adults pretend not to see
It's a pure form of insanity
which devours people

Everythings being destroyed
I'm more scared of the murky darkness than the dreadful white

Even covered in all these scars
Nobody sees me,
These stab wounds happened naturally
When we'd take jokes too far

It's killing me, the determination
in that smiling face I saw at a glance is burned into my eyes

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
The bells of despair ring out at twilight's hour

A corpse with a shallow dream
Petals blooming in the depths of fear

You're a rat, It's time for you to die
Are you feeling better? Are you in ecstacy?

Break it down, with one thought
I'm more scared of the murky darkness than the dreadful white

In this world that can't be saved
I'm still walking with my eyes shut


  • This is one of the few singles not to have an instrumental provided on Piapro
  • This song reached number 8 on the GREATEST SHITS fan vote, with 164 votes.


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