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Cover art by Hansi and meola

Album by Utsu-P


November 15, 2009



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“DIARRHEA (Album)”

Singles from DIARRHEA

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This article is about the album. For the song from this album, see DIARRHEA.

DIARRHEA is the first album by Utsu-P, released on November 15, 2009, at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 10. The album features some of his most well known songs such as “Corpse Attack!!”, “Anti-Digitalism”, and “Self-Destruct”.

In 2013, Utsu-P remade this album as part of CD-R, alongside his first EP, DOLL.

Production and musical style

While this is Utsu-P's first album, the songs Disparate Society, Welcome To The Love Hospital, Anti-Digitalism, Sky Burial, and Living Sex Doll were originally released on Niconico douga and were remade for this release. Compared to the earlier versions, A drastic jump in production quality can be heard. the sound is less muddy and a particular improvement is the distorted vocals, before they were nearly incomprehensible with what they were supposed to represent but with this album's versions it's become significantly more digestible.

The album was produced independently and features Utsu-P as the sole composer. The album's production values, while improved, are still comparatively raw and unpolished, giving it a melancholic atmosphere. The songs are characterized by heavy guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and Utsu-P's already professional level vocaloid tuning.

Lyrical themes

Many of the songs on the album have undertones of social criticism and abuse. However, there are certain moments where it becomes clear that he's taking a nonsensical approach to writing lyrics, likely due to his inexperience at this point. The opening track “Poison☆Apple” deals with temptation and desire, “Corpse Attack!!”, details a story about a young woman who has become a victim of rape, and her growing urge to take her revenge. The song has been noted for its empowering theme. Utsu-P has also stated that when he wrote these lyrics he was simply trying to write lyrics that sounded like they belong in a metal song. “Anti-Digitalism” touches on humanity's relationship with technology, and suggest a desire for a more simple life. “Heavy Rain Melancholy” also expresses a yearning for simplicity, this time using guitar pedal effects as metaphor for how your mood may be affected by different things.

The fifth track, “Shoegaze Life”, describes a sense of detachment as the speaker kicks rocks around and stares at the ground, disconnected from the world around them while seeking a sense of purpose. The sixth track, “Living Sex Doll” is a dark and unsettling commentary on prostitution. as well as the sexualization and objectification of women in Japanese society. “Disparate Society” focuses on a sense of frustration with the societal pressure to succeed, and the desire to break free and live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, even if it means not conforming to societal norms. “Initative” is a song about a sense of frustration, disillusionment, and even despair over wasting one's life away at a job, while “Welcome To The Love Hospital” seems to be about a murderer who finds sadistic joy in torturing their victim.

The album's tenth track, “SHIRONOIR”, takes the perspective of a Japanese soldier in world war II feeling apathy as he sees that both sides are in the wrong, as he prepares his suicide attack on Pearl Harbor. The lyrics of the eleventh track “Psychokinesis” follows the journey of a girl who allegedly has Psychokinetic powers, but struggles to control them. By the end of the song she grasps control. It's likely this is metaphor for some sort of mental condition or illness. The title track describe the struggles and emotions of the singer, who is facing difficulties and obstacles in life, whether wanting to be successful, or chasing love. The singer is plagued by negative thoughts and emotions likening them to diarrhea. The lyrics also touch on themes of jealousy and the importance of perseverance. The penultimate track “Sky Burial” has lyrics written by Rougoku-P which detail torture under an imperial government and how those who descent become hopeless as they wait for death. The final song “Self-Destruct” is likely about kamikaze attacks and how Japanese soldiers would be encouraged to die trying to take out as many enemies as possible rather than be captured.

Track listing


Additional Personnel

zim – Lead guitar on Corpse Attack!!
Rougoku-P – Lyrics on Sky Burial
Hansi – Album art illustration
meola – Album art design

Front and back cover
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  • <h4>Booklet page 6</h4><p>Lyrics for Psychokinesis, DIARRHEA, and Sky Burial</p><p>03/04/2023</p>
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  • On this release, Self-Destruct plays twice, and then starts up a third time before fading out after the intro


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