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Heavy Rain Melancholy

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“Heavy Rain Melancholy”

Song by Utsu-P

from the album DIARRHEA


november i think

Original Title


Romaji title

Melancholy Gouu

English Title

Heavy Rain Melancholy

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“Heavy Rain Melancholy”

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2023/04/05 08:25 · kisu_odd

The lyrics seem to be about the feeling of being overwhelmed by negativity and the desire for something pure and clean. The first section speaks of “sweet clean tones”. There are references to guitar pedal effects throughout the song, being used as metaphor for how your mood may be affected by different things

The reference to the Big Muff pedal, which is known for creating a heavily distorted guitar sound, suggests a desire for a raw and unfiltered sound, free from the effects of technology. The final stanza describes the sound of rain and echoes, and the desire to turn off all external noise and let the rain sweep awy. Overall, the lyrics may express a yearning for simplicity and purity in the midst of a chaotic and overwhelming world.


Alternate versions


Romaji Lyrics



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