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Single by Utsu-P

from the album GALAPAGOS


April 29, 2016

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2023/03/30 10:19 · kisu_odd

“HIKIZURI” is a song by Utsu-P featuring vocals by Kagamine Rin. The song was initially released on April 29, 2016, as part of the compilation album “Future ~Taste Of Home~”, it later had a music video made by Utsu-P himself and released on May 20th, 2016.

The lyrics of the song describe a person who is struggling with their own past traumas and trying to escape from the weight of their past. The title “HIKIZURI” means “dragging” in Japanese, which refers to the feeling of being weighed down and held back by one's own history.

The song has a strong EDM-influenced sound, conjoined with heavy guitar riffs and aggressive drum beats. Kagamine Rin's vocals are arranged in a sing-song delivery which gives the song a bouncy feeling.

Overall, “HIKIZURI” is a powerful, yet fun song that deals with themes of shame, self-doubt, and the struggle to break free from the past.


The song is 3 minutes, 54 seconds long. The first seven seconds have a rave inspired synthesizer loop which effectively sets the stage for the mood of the rest of the song, The song feature djent style playing and slap bass to match with the rave feeling of the electronic elements of the song.

Alternate versions

An instrumental version is available on Piapro

A remastered version is featured on GALAPAGOS




わやになって 過去だって軍鶏だって引きずっている
わやになって 着飾ってやっぱ脱いだ事
そんな葛藤も あんな愚行も みんな引きずってしまう
わやになった 経緯、背負って 歴、抱いて
もう こんがらがって

横着こいてた事引きずって 「更生しました」つったって
やらなかん事やっとりゃせんから まー美談には なりゃせんわ

「時に必死こいて逃げようと やった事はほかれない」と
タイヤの下の腕が何かを 伝えようとしていた

わやになって badだってbirdだって引きずっている
わやになって 苛ついてギラついて非行
そんな脱法も あんな犯行も みんな引きずってしまう
わやになった 経緯、背負って 歴、抱いて
もう こんがらがっている

わやになった わたしの過ちが轍になって
わやになった わたしの轍はいつしか標

わやになって 総理だって鶏だって引きずっている
わやになって ボーイだってガール抱いて どーん
そんな禍根も あんなbadも みんな引きずってるから
わやになった 経緯、背負って 歴、抱いて
もう こんがらがってろ!!

Romaji lyrics

Tainai no kioku o hikizutte
Kinou no haibouru hikizutte
Kakebuton no nukumori hikizutte
Konkuriito o kyou mo hikizutte iru

Toro kusai misu dattari
Doumo nan nakatta kōi dattari
Bokou no kanren waado 'jiken' dattari

Waya ni natte kako datte shamo datte hikizutte iru
Waya ni natte kikazatte yappa nui da koto
Sonna kattou mo anna gukou mo minna hikizutte shimau
Waya ni natta keii, seotte he, dai te
Mou kongaragatte

Ouchaku koite ta koto hikizutte 'kouseishimashita' tsuttatte
Yara na kan goto yattoryasen kara ma? bidan ni wa naryasen wa

'Tokini hisshikoite nigeyou to yatta koto wa hokarenai' to
Taiya no shita no ude ga nani ka o tsutaeyoutoshiteita

Waya ni natte bad datte bird datte hikizutteiru
Waya ni natteiratsuite giratsuite hikou
Sonna datsuhou mo anna hankou mo minna hikizutte shimau
Waya ni natta keii, seotte he, daite
Mou kongaragatteiru

Waya ni natta watashi no ayamachi ga wadachi ni natte
Waya ni natta watashi no wadachi wa itsushika shirube

Waya ni natte souri datte tori datte hikizutte iru
Waya ni natte booi datte gaaru daite doun
Sonna kakon mo anna bad mo minna hikizutteru kara
Waya ni natta keii, seotte he, daite
Mou kongaragattero!!


  • The food featured in the music video is tori no hikizuri, which is a pun on the title of the song.


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