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December 31, 2015



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More Amazing

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2024/03/02 04:36 · kisu_odd

Monosugoi is the debut album by The Ohayogozaimas, released on December 31st, 2015. In June of 2015, the band released their debut song Amazing. It was followed by MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR as their second single.

The album features the track Obscenity, which is a rearrangement of the song P.O.R.N.O. which was featured on Utsu-P's vocaloid album ALGORITHM, and their most popular song MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR. A remastered version, featuring new or extended parts on Amazing and House VS. Thief as well as Corpse Attack!! as a bonus track, was released through a crowdfunding campaign in 2019. It features different artwork, with its album cover colors inverted. Almost all songs from the album are performed frequently during The Ohayogozaimas' live shows, excluding Obscenity, which has become a live rarity. MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR is performed at nearly every single show.


In 2013, Utsu-P expressed interest in forming a band to pursue a more live oriented style of music while his vocaloid music could take on a more experimental approach. In 2014 auditions were held to find a singer, Saba was found and recruited. In 2015, the project was unveiled with their first single Amazing. Their debut live took place at Utsu-P's Sou event in September. The mini album would be released on new year's eve of 2015.

Music and lyrics

As the band's debut album, it marks a mission statement of Utsu-P's signature mixture of metalcore instrumentation with pop songwriting, this time with a more focused aim on a live oriented style. As a result, the songs generally carry an exciting energy with an emphasis on hooks. Nearly every song features electronic elements sometimes leading the song.

The album explores a variety of themes, but a common thread can be found within all of them, as each song critiques Japanese society's busybody lifestyle in some form or another.


The album opens up with Intro, which is a basic electronic introduction song which builds up to an explosion of guitars and drums, it directly leads into the second track, Minor Task Girl. The title is a pun, as it's written as “girl” in the title, however the lyrics state “Ga aru” roughly meaning “(I) have”. MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR has a strong danceability and an instantly memorable hook. it's also the band's most popular song and their first with a guitar solo. Amazing is the band's first single and functions almost as a mission statement with it's full band feeling and electronic leads. Hypocritical Courtesy is a short and fast song which usually closes The Ohayogozaimas' live sets. House VS. Thief is a simple mid tempo song with a catchy chorus, emphasizing audience participation, it also features two sections which could both be considered as a “breakdown”.

Obscenity is an extended and re arranged version of the song P.O.R.N.O. which Utsu-P wrote in 2013. The lyrics tell about finding love in a miserable world. Endless Amusement is a song about playing video games as a form of escapism.

Track listing


The Ohayogozaimas
Saba - Vocals
Nagi - Guitar and backup vocals
Utsu-P - Bass and programming

Utsu-P - Music, lyrics, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, and design
Arranged by The Ohayogozaimas

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  • The album was printed in a sleeve packaging.


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